How long does it take to get my product?

For UK delivery (excludes Highlands/Islands) only:

If the product is in stock and "ready for delivery", we will deliver the next working day provided that the order is placed before 2pm.  

If the product is "ready for delivery in 3-5 days", we will notify you once it is ready for despatch and you will receive it the next working day.

If you have pre-ordered products, we will write to you once they are ready for delivery. 


Can you tell what time the delivery will take place?

We understand it is inconvenient having to wait for a delivery for the whole day, so the courier company will notify you of an ONE HOURS SLOT during which they can delivery (provided that you give us your mobile number). You will receive this in the morning of the delivery date.  If you would rather they deliver another date, you will have the option to re-arrange.


How much does it cost?

All UK delivery (up to 25 kg) costs £10.00.  More remote areas such as the Highlands and Islands will be more expensive as we will also incur surchanges from the courier company.  If you think this applies to you, please drop us a line at before you order so we can make sure we can make the right arrangement for you.


What if I miss the delivery?

The courier company will leave a card for you to contact them to arrange for a re-delivery.  If you have problem with the service, please drop us a line so we can resolve it on your behalf.


And if I have special instructions for the courier?

Please include this as you are placing the order.  We will try our best to communicate your request to the courier.  


Can you deliver outside of the UK?

We currently deliver to the following European countries:

Country Shipping cost   Shipping time  
Austria £45 3-5 days
Belgium £35 2-4 days
Czech Republic £55 5-7 days
Denmark £50 4-6 days
Finland £50 4-6 days
France £40 3-5 days
Germany £40 3-5 days
Hungary £55 5-7 days
Ireland £35 2-4 days
Italy £45 4-6 days
Luxembourg £35 2-4 days
Netherlands £35 2-4 days
Norway £50 4-6 days
Poland £55 5-7 days
Portugal £45 4-6 days
Spain (including Andorra, Gibraltar)   £45 3-5 days
Sweden  £50 4-6 days
Switzerland £45 4-6 days

Please contact us by emailing if you are outside of these countries and are interested in buying our products.