About Niche London

We started Niche London in 2011. After over 20 years of designing commercial products for clients we felt it was the right time to come up with our own range.

We design an eclectic range of furniture. Our goal is to be innovative and interesting without being limited by a set style, material or process.  Our products can be contemporary or retro, bright or muted, but they all express creative ideas which add interest and function to the home. 

Design in London is truly international, like the city itself. Being here enables us to interact and work with creative people from other parts of the world; designers who share our passion. We commission local and overseas manufacturing partners depending on the product, ensuring we can offer the best balance of quality, value, and style.

We hope you like our products and if you need any information, please drop us a line at: info@nichelondon.com.